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Already Gone – House on Luigi Cazzavillan Street, central Bucharest


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House on 33, Parfumului Street

Dated late 19th century Current status ruined Details architect Nicolae Cretoiu; “B class” historical monument, considered ┬árepresentative for the local traditional urban tissue

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Petrascu House (1907), Romana Square

Petrascu House, 1, Romana Square Dated 1907 Current status ruined Details Built to the design of architect Ion Mincu for the writer Nicolae Petrascu in Neo-Romanian style. The ground-floor houses a literary and musical salon, with the ceiling featuring a … Continue reading

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The inn-type house on 18, Haralambie Botescu Square, next to Matache Hall

House dating from the early era of the Neo-Romanian architectural style (possible arch. Ion N. Socolescu?!), showing off picturesque Oriental features, soon to be demolished in Piata Matache (Matache Market area). Inn type house with passages (Durchgang), a typology typical … Continue reading

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Already Gone – on Cobalcescu Street

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